1988 Pioneer 6cyl Manual in Pacifica, CA

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Asking Price: $11,000

1988 pacifica ca

Key MJ Features

  • Model Year: 1988
  • Trim: Pioneer
  • Odometer: 146,000
  • Engine: 6 Cylinder
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Condition: Good

Ad Information

  • Ad Source: Craigslist
  • City/Area: Pacifica
  • State/Region: California
  • Contact Name: Not Provided
  • Phone: See Below
  • Email: See Below


More Details & Pictures

VIN: 1JTML65P1JT255739

This Jeep is in overall great mechanical condition. If you are looking at this you probably already know how indestructible the engines are. If you are looking for a unique 4×4 you can make your own, this is the truck for you. It is a project that you can drive while you work on it as it is CA licensed and smog tested.

I bought this truck with that very intention. I got it from the original owner who bought it in 1988 and kept it in the bay its whole life. It was not a garage queen and was not babied but it was not taken off-road or really put to work either. He eventually found himself just sitting on it and was going to give it to his nephew but the kid didn’t want a manual. I bought it at the start of the year, put 3k in maintenance on it, and have really just started to clean it up. I thought I’d have a place to work on it sooner than I’m going to and the costs to have a shop do everything runs up the costs more than I want. I don’t need to dump this and I am okay keeping it as it is perfectly functional and just an awesome truck to have.

However, I do think it is a better fit for someone who can do more to it than I can so thought it worth listing to see if there was any interest. The pictures speak for themselves but let me highlight that the transmission is working great, the 4×4 is flawless, and all rust looks superficial. I’ll put what I know it needs done below:

-The fuel gauge sticks at 1/4 tank, the shop said it was the fuel sending unit. I have a new replacement but haven’t installed it.
-The dash has a crack in the vinyl and I’m still working on some spots where there was adhesive on the glove box but it is pretty superficial.
-The carpet is passable but could stand to be replaced. I haven’t pulled it out but it doesn’t look rusted out like a lot of these Jeeps are.
-The dash clock works but could use a new bulb.
-The air works and blows cold but cuts out when accelerating. Likely a pressure issue but haven’t looked into it.
-The B pillar lights. One is missing but the wiring is in place the other is not functioning. These are known to be sensitive and burn out if the opposing isn’t working. They can be hard to replace but I have 2 new ones ready to put in.
-The driver side sun visor needs reupholstered due to notable tears in the fabric but is otherwise in good condition (CD case is over this in the pictures) but the other visor and headliner look great.
-They ran some wiring for accessories (like a 6-disc) they aren’t an issue and out of site but I haven’t pulled them yet.
-The driver’s seatbelt female slot doesn’t snap. I have a matching used replacement but haven’t switched them out (I don’t have a wrench that will give enough torch to unbolt the current one, it isn’t a rust issue either)
-The driver side front windshield vertical metal molding is missing. There is no leak and most people upgrade these to the rubber molding but with the windshield in perfect condition, it felt like a waste. I couldn’t find a well priced replacement right now but they are out there and can be pulled from a Cherokee.
-There is noted fading with the paint on the roof and drivers side from the sun.
-The 4×4 emblem is missing on 1 side. I have 2 correct replacements but were holding them until after the paint was addressed.
-The rims could use a paint, a center cap is missing, and the tires are a bit old. The spare is intact though. As you can swap these out for so many other jeeps with a matching lug-nut pattern, I was planning on replacing them but you could keep them stock.
-The muffler has some rusting and needs replaced at some point but it is currently free of holes and upgrades are easy and cheap to find.
-While it has always been a CA truck, there is no front bracket for a plate. This may be a pro or a con depending on your perspective.

If you think this is way too much for a 30 year-old truck with 146k, this is probably not the right truck for you. Comanches in much better condition list for twice the price and cheaper ones are only a few grand less with 100k more miles (and show it). If you want to build an off-road beast or just return it to is classic look, here is your chance! If you have the means to do the work yourself or are willing to invest some cash into a unique (and fun) truck, look no further because it will be hard to find a better Comanche at this price.

This is priced fair and considers the issues above. I’m not interested in dropping the price several k’s just because I bothered to inform you about these instead of letting you figure them out.

FYI- I drove to Santa Cruz down 1 then back through the mountains for these pictures. I’m not worried this is moments from death, I just can’t work on it like I want right now.

I work during the week and cannot show this except in the evenings or weekends. I’ll consider delivery with a deposit as far as Seattle or Vegas (and transport expenses). I do not need help selling this and any requests to do so will be ignored.

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