is a dedicated to aggregating and displaying various (1986-1992) Jeep Comanche trucks for sale across North America. This includes the United States, Canada and Mexico with further segmentation by State/Province and City.

Jeep Comanche For Sale LogoWhile the primary goal of this site is to be a classifieds directory, we also are a resource hub for all types of info about the Jeep Comanche. Check out the following pages for more details.


Navigating our Classifieds

For ease of use we have created some specific segmentation on this site to help you find the exact Jeep Comanche you are looking for. We have broken down the ads listed on this site into the following categories.

  • Comanche Ads by Vehicle Location
  • Segmented by Model Year
  • Grouped by Trim

When you click on a specific location, model year or trim anywhere on this site you will be presented with the 10 most recent Jeep Comanche ads posted to this site that meet the specific criteria. At the end of these ten ads, if there are more listings available, you will page navigation to go back and look at the next 10 and so on.

Of course if you are looking for something more specific it is best to use our search box located at the top of the page. This is ideal if you are looking for a specific bed length, 4WD or anything else unique.


How we Create and Manage Listings

Below we outline how we operate our site. Our mission is to be the best place to find current Jeep Comanche trucks for sale. Our secondary goal is to act as a historical database to be used as a research tool for buyers and sellers. The idea is to act as a fair market value calculator to compare asking prices of various MJ models, in various conditions, with differing custom configurations across all the major metropolitan areas of North America.

Ad Source

We derive the ads on this site from the following sources:

  • Jeep Comanche trucks posted Directly to this site
  • MJs reposted from a local Craigslist classifieds
  • Comanche truck auctions summarized from eBay motors
  • Ads from Other online classifieds

While we get many ads submitted directly (use this page to submit your MJ), the majority of the ads on this site are reposted from other sources especially Craigslist. Since Craigslist is not easily searchable across multiple locations, we do the hard work of aggregating and archiving only Jeep Comanche trucks on this site.

Update Frequency

Ads posted directly to this site are updated every 24-48 hours. Ads reposted from other sources are done so on roughly a weekly basis.

Join our List

We encourage you to come back to our site often for new ads and other updates. However the best way to get instant notification of new ads is to join our mailing list. Click Here and input your email to get on our ad notification list. Don’t worry we don’t spam you and we won’t send more than one email per week or so.


Seller Info

We do our best to display the most accurate seller information possible. However we are limited to whatever the seller provides us. This is particularly tricky with reposted ads where the seller does not provide a phone number.

If you are having trouble reaching a seller check the “Last Updated” field at the top of the ad. If it has been a while since the last update it is likely that the seller information is no longer valid. Please let us know on our Contact Page should you run into one like this.

***Please note if you are a seller and would like your personal contact information removed from this site please send us a message and we will do so immediately.

Sold Listings

We do our best to mark listings as sold and remove seller information as soon as we are made aware or discover that a Comanche is sold or no longer available. However from time to time we miss some of the ads. If you happen to come across one of these please let us know on our Contact page.