We are currently in the process of developing a dedicated bulletin board style forum for this site.  For now check out some of the 3rd party resources we have listed below.  Also feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this page with any questions, discussion topics or other MJ resources.


3rd Party Forums & Community Pages

Like most other Jeep models, the Comanche has a very involved and enthusiastic owners community.  Listed below are a few of the top ones online.

1.) ComancheClub.com

Comanche Club is site dedicated to the MJ with a news and members area on top of the very active Forum.  The board is simple with only a short list of discussion comments, however it has over 500K posts and 17K members.

2.) JeepForum.com

Jeep Forum is one of the most popular forums online for all types of Jeep models.  Follow the link above to go directly to the Comanche board.  It is mainly technical info and questions but still a good resource to check out.

3.) JeepsUnlimited.com

Jeeps Unlimited has a dedicated Cherokee/Comanche board.  Follow the link above to go directly to this area of the site.  Like Jeep Forum it is mostly technical questions and troubleshooting, but worth a look if you are a Comanche owner or potential buyer.

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